The Telepathic Foundation

Mysterium tremendum et fascinans

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Transcipient or Vector?

Bionic Infusion

Telepathic Mean   -   n* Hypothetical Space:

(Superelastic Medium)

Vector Space             Transcipient Space

On a going through of a Point Mass

The Telepathic Principle:  Truth is Invertible

Proof:   Falsity is Irreversible

(aka, capitol punishment, i.e. karma.)

Subspace Suppression

Every point in the Universe
is the Origin of the Universe.

The n* Distortion Magnitude (corresponding to the Cosmological Constant
applied to String Theory) transforms the zeroeth dimension
to a 1* Dimensional Horizon, the linear 1st dimension into the 2* Dimensional Horizon, etc.,
the 13* Dimensional Horizon to a Macro-cosmic Point Mass zeroeth resolution,
& conversely, through Polar Inversion, from the 1* contractile, collapsing universe
into the Micro-cosmic Paradigm.

As to psychic constellation, these evolutions are as sublime
perceptions of a cerebral formation generally occluded by perceptual bias
(affects of the ego-complex). Just as the characteristic divergences of religious faith
& tribal folklore, as depicted by the totem, in the cosmogonic sense of the matriarch,
serves to elucidate tribal, collective identity - personal distinction is recognized
in sublunary revolutions, distinguished by exotic invocation. In the contemplation of
archetypes we can classify them fundamentally as manifest structural reliefs
signifying precise application in terms of psychological communications,
as a dance of archetypal convolutions upon a chessboard of
multi-dimensional deliberation - a ballet Fidchell - 13* Chess: 'BLACK ICE'.

Chapter 5. An Attempt to Understand Nature: The Enigmatic Figment of Consciousness