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Aesthetic Selectivity

"Purkinje cells show spontaneous electrophysiological activity in the form of trains of spikes both sodium as well as calcium dependent (Llinas and Sugimori J. Physiol 1980)." Purkinje cells show two distinct forms of electrophysiological activity: * Simple spikes occur at rates of 50 - 150 Hz either spontaneously or and when Purkinje cells are activated synaptically by the parallel fibers, the axons of the granule cells. * Complex spikes are rapid (>300 Hz) bursts of spikes caused by climbing fiber activation, and can involve the generation of calcium-mediated action potentials in the dendrites. Following complex spike activity simple spikes can be suppressed by the powerful complex spike input


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Energy-Matter Echelons

Pulse Spectrum Analysis:


Orthoganality Catastrophe

Subspace Suppression


The Kingdom of Thought

1) Telepathy:
1) Archetypal   5) Complex
2) Infantile       6) Massive
3) Mantra        7) Organic
4) Time-lapse   8) Telaric
2) Transcipience:
1) Le Double-tete; Symbole
    du Surhumain
2) Dodecahedric: Neuro-
3) Mind Animation
    & the Spectra of Trauma:1) Analgaveilla: Pain-seeking.
2) 'Arawaken:' the recognition
     & repositioning of psychic
     contents & their significance.
4) Mind Sychronization:
1) Sokomo: Mnemonic projection
     (inverse of deja-vu)
2) Awinowae: The unraveling
         of the mind.
3) Wamhikma: synchronic
4) Maherza: visionary, i.e. tonal
5) Mental Precation:
1) Homohyperalae
2) Homohyperalis
           Sub-phylum; Neuro-support:
    1) Eigenwork: The
        superciliary effort
        required of mechanical
        thought - to achieve
        resolution in terms of
        work on the self.
    2) Awoir: Psycho-engineering.
    3) Telaria: Telepathic lesion.