By Ard Ri Destrier Tiranpathis Bon-pa Raja Jaina Druid
S. Patrick Eliot Nefaste Dement Crimson Merringer
R.S. Rank Dumpster - son of Roy Patrick

Table of Contents - Introduction

Chapter 1. The Fatalistic Dawn ..................................... p. 4

Chapter 2. Pathogenesis;

           The Development of the Martyr
           & the Bestial Onlooker ........................................... p. 25

Chapter 3. The Psychology of Oppression (& Civil War) ..... p.28

Chapter 4. The Structure of idealism ......... p. 115

Chapter 5. An Attempt to Understand Nature:

           The Enigmatic Figment of Consciousness ........ p. 141

Chapter 6. The Psycho-dynamics of the Sphinx
           The Theory of Psychic Prevalance ............. p. 171

Chapter 7. The Hypothetical Space of the Ka:

   Henakaheakaiakaya .......................................... p.224

Chapter 8. Telepathic Methodoloqy & Explanation ........ p. 247.

Index ....... p. 726


Intrusions unto the Bardo

A Schizophrene



(From Out of Charybdis)

            Astronomers are stumped over an image from the Hubble Space Telescope of a strange pair of glowing rings around an exploded star.

            "Unprecedented and bizarre," says Chris Burrows of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore. "We have never seen any­thing behave like this before."

            At a NASA briefing Thursday, Burrows said the outer rings appear to be part of an hour­glass-shaped bubble of gas that encompasses Supernova 1987A, located in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy.

            Astronomers had previously seen the "center" ring and light from the outer rings, which lie in front and behind the center. They appear tilted at an angle when viewed from Earth, like giant hula hoops in space. But Hubble shows they're separate from the supernova — possibly remnants of a companion star "painted" by high-energy beams of radiation, like a laser-light show on Earth. The beams appear to be wobbling about their axis, like a toy top slowing down, and may originate from a dim object located close — in cosmic terms — to the supernova core, about 1.7 trillion miles.

            Another theory is that the rings spun off from the supernova — which blew up 169,000 years ago but whose light only reached Earth in 1987 — 20,000 to 30,000 years before it exploded and now are illuminated in its flash.

            Says NASA's Steve Maran: "Astronomers will be struggling with this mystery for years."

Introduction to Philosophia Mortalia: Of Guilt & the Godways -


            The decalogue of transformations psychoanalysis disciplines us to see is a compendium of deliberate unconscious design - powers residing in the blood. Each person inherits a genetic formulae - algebraically rewritten - which has been demonstrated to manifest in an unconscious script we are obligated to rehearse. In the arrangement of conscious 'principles' the basic postulates of psychoanalysis exist as static representations of a psychic manifold which, like furniture, is arranged differently in every psychological household.

            Standing in the shadows is the Oedipus complex. The biological component of the superego (the phenotype) betrays itself through incestuous rapport. The censor, superego, father archetype & phallic conscript are viable materialization of psychic representation (comme les muebles qui flotts autour du soi) The purpose of analysis is to extrapolate an awareness of the subjective condition.  The analyst, either substituting for the 'father archetype,' or 'Mother Enigma', poses as an independent psychic component permitting the analysand to see beyond the mere struggle for 'psychic survival'.

            In regards to this 'sea of turbulence' the desire for continuity, flow - pure, fluid objectivity without emotional interference (anxiety & dread), catapults us into an explorative complex: the 'Sublunary complex' of the precognitive system.  When the eaters of sorrow gnash against the veils of dependency, sounds of terror isolate us in a web of insulation & meanwhile the scraping of fingernails along the contours of a soft, delicate arm taunts us into believing our faults lie upon the surface when, in truth, the chrysalis is woven, spun out of the abomination & confusion of Babel.  Honing the thought processes, objectively employing potential avenues of insight & intuition - analysis simply provides the backdrop for an intimately conversant psychic life: Such inner dialogue is inspiration for poetry & divination of sublunary import.

            The proof of the charisma of hypnogenic conditioning lies in the cellular recesses.  Curious birds work their nests in a lazy procession scarred by winter husks of deranged lassitude.  Their memories are but nightmares considering the world's depravity.  But the chirping of heavy machinery & the sweat in the bowels does not relent for an instant.  Hierarchy defines a process & above all presides the deity of mockery.  We signal pious regard with so much thanks we cannot swim the mile.  And a toss of the head, a squint, a squeamish smile, a twitch of the shoulders over flowerbeds of remorse; we cater to our senses like a lemniscus lost in the sand.

            The dark aeons of misgivings.
         We bathe in the seas of pain.
             The heart of science.
               The diamond dust.

            Beyond - in the region of psychic life - spirals unfold all around us like microcosmos: miniature universes resplendent with vacuum & Event Horizons on the order of magnitude equivalent with galactic dimensions.  Levitate the 'thought principle.'  Conflict resolves out of a consciousness that does not harken to social custom.  Bobby Fischer realized this when he defied U.N. mandate & insisted upon fulfilling his sacred office as 'Chess Master' in resolving the Serbo-Croatian war.  In the dilation of sensorial arguments (by the medium of drugs like D.M.T. for instance) intellectual response is spontaneous.  Hallucinatory episodes cause the mind to search for clues & make associations deriving structral prominence from whatever relationship exists.  And we enter the sow's nose, the catalepsis of form & a night of longing.  The source of banality is in the head - the teeth of the monster.

            Manuals of technoproficiency extoll the repulsive forces of our nuclear surroundings.  As with chess (Cyribgi: 13* Chess) - two independent systems (macro & microcosmic) tend towards a maximum of entropy in the derivation of order out of chaos & the equilibrium of a 'cosmic unity;' a 'virtual reality' of phantom vectors designate the shadow world of possible reconstructions.  The genotype suffers the same biological fate manifest within the cell as rewards us with constrictions associated with instinct.  The sublunary complex depicts a type of cellular 'consciousness' of the 'overtones' that are generated by the 'cyclic activity' of biosynthetic formulae.  By the sort of 'doctrine of terror' that the Oedipus complex portrays the phenotype is able to ensure survival & quasi-immortality of inherent structural/psychological characteristics.  By rejecting spontaneous introspection the phenotype promotes the emergent properties of the superego by remote control from out of the Sublunary complex.  A preordained identity comes to haunt & dominate our psychic evolutions.  Though the instinct for demise is omnipotent the phenotype rejoices in revelation that empowers it with subliminal command over the organism - as by some hypnotic injunction (symbolized by the forced movement of the king during check).  Just as atoms naturally repulse one another when their internuclear distances are small & their electron orbits overlap - so do lovers derail!

            Chess is a psychic vestibule, a crystal vase worth seeing through.  Subconscious faculties search for structural resolution & image production in the complicated labyrinth.  Chess symbolizes the integration of the modular components of cerebral articulation, the coaxial development of the cerebral hemispheres through ' Cerebrum Conjunctis:' mind over matter.  Prejudice is the product of a compensation neurosis derived from lack of integration.  Because the process of introspection is confounded by the gravity of socio-ethical paradigms an individual is host to an inherited personality structure denying 'rites of consciousness' which might differentiate the species Homohyperalae & Homohyperalis.  Is such 'selectivity' founded upon an aesthetic progression of the senses in response to the natural curvature of the universe (Divine Proportion) or is it reflexive of super­ego retardation?

            How is the integrity of a system preserved when its 'a priori' assumptions are basically false, when, for instance, we insist upon superficial regard to guide our judgements? Corruption naturally evolves with ego-projections compensating for a deeply sensed inferiority complex - manifesting in the credo of a 'superiority complex,' as espoused by Adler.  Such corruption ferments false historical & political perspective (for instance, that the civil war was fought to end slavery1) & a cultural momentum exhibited in America (as opposed to indigenous Canada) by the metamorphosis from anarchy to fascism, - in ancient Maya in the transformation of romantic self-sacrifice to execution & genocide, & in ancient Egypt, as elsewhere, in the overthrow of the matriarch & its total abandon into oblivion. 

           1)       Forgetting, or rather ignorant of the Supreme Court ruling of 'Worchester v. Georgia' which actually precipitated the Civil War - as Jackson defied its ruling, asserting the rights of states, which led to the 'Nullification Crisis', with the consequence that South Carolina then decided they would not pay their federal taxes - ("The Ordinance of Nullification declared the Tariff of 1828 and 1832 null and void within the state borders of South Carolina. It began the Nullification Crisis. Passed by a state convention on November 24, 1832, it led, on December 10, to President Andrew Jackson's proclamation against South Carolina, the Nullification Proclamation of 1832, which sent a naval flotilla and a threat of sending government ground troops to enforce the tariffs.)
            The state of Georgia became involved in a contentious jurisdictional dispute with the Cherokees, culminating in the 1832 U.S. Supreme Court decision (Worcester v. Georgia), which ruled that Georgia could not impose its laws upon Cherokee tribal lands.
            In any case, Jackson used the Georgia crisis to pressure Cherokee leaders to sign a removal treaty. A small faction of Cherokees led by John Ridge negotiated the Treaty of New Echota with Jackson's representatives. Ridge was not a recognized leader of the Cherokee Nation, and this document was rejected by most Cherokees as illegitimate. Over 15,000 Cherokees signed a petition in protest of the proposed removal; the list was ignored by the Supreme Court and the U.S. Congress, in part due to delays and timing.[77] The treaty was enforced by Jackson's successor, Van Buren, who ordered 7,000 armed troops to remove the Cherokees. Due to the infighting between political factions, many Cherokees thought their appeals were still being considered until troops arrived.[78] This abrupt and forced removal resulted in the deaths of over 4,000 Cherokees on the "Trail of Tears".
            More than 45,000 American Indians were relocated to the West during Jackson's administration. "Facts
            Chief Justice John Marshall laid out in this opinion the relationship between the Indian Nations and the United States is that of nations. He argued that the United States, in the character of the federal government, inherited the rights of Great Britain as they were held by that nation. Those rights, he stated, are the sole right of dealing with the Indian nations in North America, to the exclusion of any other European power, and not the rights of possession to their land or political dominion over their laws. He acknowledged that the exercise of conquest and purchase can give political dominion, but those are in the hands of the federal government and not in the hands of the individual states.
            The court ruled that the individual states, had no authority in American Indian affairs.

Jackson's response
            In a popular quotation that is probably apocryphal, President Andrew Jackson reportedly responded: "John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!" This derives from Jackson's consideration on the case in a letter to John Coffee, "...the decision of the Supreme Court has fell still born, and they find that they cannot coerce Georgia to yield to its mandate," (that is, the Court's opinion because it had no power to enforce its edict).
As a tribal sovereignty precedent
            Marshall's language in Worcester may have been motivated by his regret that his earlier opinions in Fletcher and Johnson had been used as a justification for Georgia's actions. Justice Story considered it similarly, writing in a letter to his wife dated March 4, 1832: "Thanks be to God, the Court can wash their hands clean of the iniquity of oppressing the Indians and disregarding their rights."[7] Because Jackson proceeded with Cherokee removal, Worcester did little more for indigenous rights than Johnson v. M'Intosh or Cherokee Nation v. Georgia." Wikipedia

            "The Supreme Court, through Marshall, also stated that the interactions between the Native American tribe and the state of Georgia must be considered and approached as international talks." http://kids.laws.com

            'Symptomosia' defines the psychosis of cynical detachment that is the result of inherited fragmentation.  The sorrow of time - as we turn the pages back & find there is much in the modern world referred to as poetry that is but detritus, an agonizing sewage which lures reason to beget complexity & emotional depth upon which the hideous monarch of hogs feeds.  Is the 'fitness' of the neo­ Darwinist a chance paradox or is it relative to the sensibility of an organism for the undying flower of invincible truth? The more we discover the more obviously ignorant we are.

            When we are able to identify physically & psychologically with the intrinsic expansion of the universe, reflex designates our actions & composure is inspired by 'indigenous genius.'  Movement (in chess - as with ballet) reflects the exercise of an 'entity,' or 'body of will,' coordinate with the laws of physics.  If we recognize the cyclic nature of the universe we can understand the relationship between instinct & gravity to be the global particulate of an entropic symptom. 

            Entropy is a symptom of blossoming & in the philosophy of ballet it is replicated through 'turn-out' & extension - develope' - while the spiral inundation of 'phyllotaxis' (the Golden Mean) is displayed in the 'arabesque en attitude' of poetic solitude!  Such a dance reflects upon an inner darkness & we are born like the blood of a raisin.  The wings of an angel come to bear us away.  The 'core' personality, or 'greater self,' is tangential & in harmony with the 'id:' vampiric resident of our psychic superstructures.  Our spouses (in the sacred context in which marriage persists) symbolize the realization of our innermost 'inspirational' natures - the anima & animus: spiritual antagonists from a Transcipient Space wherein the constraints of a 'psychological time' of synchronicity (as described by Carl Jung) applies.  The source of an instant are the collisions upon collisions of these microcosmic facades of breath & being: the notes that an upturned face contemplating the heavens must recite.

            Synchronicity denotes a mechanical refinement of the concept of free association.  To understand the nature of 'time' in terms of the inner workings of the mind (reflective of an equilibrium between material & mental conditions) & 'space' - in connection with the articles of ballet - exposes a sensitivity of intrinsic proportion: an 'awareness principle' - The Body Sacred!

            We may liken the ego-sense of identity to the 'pale' of consciousness - & the id as that which is beyond the pale: the dark netherworld of prehistory & 'indigenous genius', where ancestor worship equates with the totem animal, companion spirit, the 'familiar', & animal transformation, insinuating possession of praeternatural faculties.  It is in this direction that our most vital reflections become salient - in the exploration of unconscious forces.

            The powers of the id are integrated as biological expressions which, though, can be converted by sublimation, or through a process involving the 'metabiological expression of DNA' - 'Erosis': an erotic, symbiotic relationship with the environment in terms of culling an atmosphere of 'Aesthetic Selectivity' & the integration of the modulations of consciousness into concise diction, or poetry - of the Hyperon Genome, the poetry of the White Goddess. 

            Devotion to the White Goddess signals commitment to the biological faith of 'natura phenomena' (Astarte)! The axiom "life is sacred" is only found in some indigenous cultures - not in western orthodox tradition (where only 'Christian' life is sacred), or by political mandate.  Such 'poetry' is indicative of a psychic manifold capable of discerning the rudiments of alien and exotic tenure.  Without such 'viveka', or discrimination, the intellect cannot perceive its own involvement in universal and cosmogonic motifs. 

            Aesthetic Selectivity involves the qualitative distinction of an organism to 'decide', to 'choose', to judge truth - and beauty in terms of 'truth.'  While I have had the opportunity of experiencing significant telepathic episodes (under the influence of Aminita Muscaria & Morning Glory seeds such experiences are amplified in the same way L.S.D. amplifies psychic awareness - & processes normally unconscious become tenable & are 'made conscious,' i.e. praeternostic) such devotion unveils the sublimations of the psyche.  The psychic veil is infinitely deep & as these powers are drawn out they are usually stratified into psychic armor of an inherited personality structure.  The inner, or true, self is buried beyond 'the pale' of permissible consciousness - in the 'land of untouchables: Barata, in the world of myth & poetry, i.e: soma.

            The focus of evolution is revelation.  An 'initial reason'** is harbored in our genetic memory which seeks realization in fullfillment of psychic prevalence.  Idealization reflects this focus (e.g. the aplomb and corona of ballet; the Double-Halo Effect of Cyribgi: 13* chess - 'Crimson's Fidchell': one of three ancient relics of Ireland*). 

     **)       "The subconscious is created & substantiated when reason stipulates action & this reason is subsequently forgotten, but action, stIll relevant, continues. The reason may finally disintegrate & the action, formed of habit then, can no longer be conscionably determined. This reason gives the mind credence & stability. Man's strength as a conscious entity stems from the ability to remember 'initial reason', & thereby also, the ability to transform from habit & become motivated by the conscious will or realm of reason."
           "Mythology is an embodiment of memory whereby the quality of reflection, composed of 'initial reason,' is demonstrated. Without this awareness of 'initial reason,' the subconscious chasms are petrified irrevocably, & psychic renaissance is untenable. As our actions reflect an unconscious motivation whose source stems. from an ageless reason, or cognition of primal origin, the conflicts borne in the action become resolved, but the 'initial reason- has been lost, forgotten, & hence the awareness of the exact purpose of the action is incredible." The Psychology of Oppression, Ch. 3 (& Civil War). "PHILOSOPHIA MORTALIA"

            'Paraquintessentialcination' refers to the investigation of ideology & its archetypal relationship to the metabolic focus.  This focus is constrained by rationale.  The 'rational set' forms the 'somatotype,' or ideal orientation, of mental operandi.

            I posit a 'predetermined fixation' exists in relationship with the evolutionary sequence such that instincts define, for example, the instinct to denote territorial domain as in scent marking - the definition of lawful boundaries, of private property, landlordism & the vassalage equated with 'boss' mentalities (such ambitions are associative reflexes affine with technological expedience) - all conspire to define the precognitive state of a 'philosophy of light' such that the Celtic fairies & elves portend & reflect a form of solopsism.  The horse ceremony of the Indian Raja (where the sacred steed grazes for a year determining the extent of a kingdom) is historically exemplified by the game of chess in response to a sacred predilection for divine intervention.  We are all predisposed towards spiritual revelation & the exercise of the psycho-body. 

            The 'ideal' normally presents itself as a formal arrangement of the thought process dictating reason (the 'rational self' defining the 'intellectual somatotype') in contradistinction to the nature of inquiry as developed by Socrates (whereas revelation constitutes a metamorphic somatotype).  The psychic premise of an 'ideal' defines the stereo­typy of automation formula & is a dissociative reflex of schizoid denomination.  On the microcosmic level our DNA seeks heuristic definition in order to obviate its environment by assimilating pertinent 'information complexes', 'engrams' or 'monad characteristics,' thereby modulating the intellectual somatotype.  Modulation of somatotype is just a comprehensive & instrinsic expression of the vitality of DNA.  Monad characteristics are referential frames & are independent of time, but by juxtaposition they infer an increase in the entropy & complexity of the conceptual system, or 'rational set,' defining psychological inflation, i.e. Estegada.1*

           1*)   Estegada - from the Nagastani.   "Spirit threatens the naive-minded man with inflation, of which our own times have given us the most horribly instructive examples.  The danger becomes all the greater the more we forget that the differentiation of our relation to nature should go hand in hand with a correspondingly differentiated relation to the spirit, so as to establish the necessary balance.  If the outer object is not offset by an inner, unbridled materialism results, coupled with maniacal arrogance or else the extinction of the autonomous personality, which is in any case the ideal of the totalitarian mass state."
             Psyche and Symbol,  The Phenomenology of the Spirit in Fairytales,  by C. G. Jung,  p. 81

            *) The Red Book of Hergest

            The 'Hypothetical Space' of the monad (phenotype - anima - superego - or 'indigenous genius') is not a binary space but is topologically defined as 'Transcipient Space' (Dark Energy) in that it is conjugate with 'Vector Space' (the telepathic principle: truth is invertible - proof: falsity is irreversible: capital punishment is proof).

            Harbored beneath the vestige of a superior ego-state are the rifts of demonic vice & instinctual proclamation.  Jehovah - daughter of Lucifer (light-beings) - wears the sigil of murderous defamation stenciled upon her breast, symbol of techno-archebiosis in the form of a cross [j›k as k>q, as h>i, as i>j].  The 'metabiological expression of DNA' prepares our species for the recognition of its capacity to will & refine the components of psycho-physical spatial jurisdiction with precise coordination & technological resolution.

            We can represent the psychology of an individual by a graphic format similar to the atomic model, constituting shell orbitals: distinct 'quantum' barriers, or energy thresholds (E.M.E.'s - Energy Matter Echelons).  The outer most shell is the personality, doorway to the psyche, which is often confused with the ego because it, too, is a consequence of repression (a product of reaction formation). 

            Personality is often considered an adequate (if not sole) representation of psychic composition, and is identified exclusively with the material aspects of the psychic household (extroversion).  The gods, Greek or otherwise, & their escapades signify the age of repression wherein man expresses solely intellectual concerns as regards his instinctual lot.  This is where the Domestic Charade of the psychic household is enacted & the manifestation of the deeper artifacts of psychic disposition detail themselves as ornamental structures which we assume to be analogous with identity.  The energy barrier which separates the ego's sense of personality from the inner shell of 'psychic life' is a 'superelastic medium' & is analogous to the blood-brain barrier in that it is permeable to specific 'permissible' elements but acts to filter antagonists.  The personality provides a buffer zone & is the dynamic agent in this process. 

            Under hypercritical analysis our personalities may be relegated to an inferior status or become diffused during a 'personality crisis.'  Such 'ego-loss' is tentamount to revealing the substratum of psychoid behavior & the domain of a perfunctory ideological countenance (superego) inspiring metabolic neurosis, i.e. the nervous system is stressed.  If we associate the personality with an innate schizophrenic disposition these shell orbitals, or Energy Matter Echelons, can be correlated with the Pentad Resolution of a Gaussian Static Impulse Field (The Atomic Metabolism). 

            In the phyllotaxis of psychic evolution 'Praeternostics' is the 'kingdom of thought', the phylums of which are: 1) Mental Precation, 2) Mental Synchronization, 3) Mind Animation (& the Spectra of Trauma), 4) Transcipience, & 5) Telepathy.

            Imagine two identical scenes representing left/right brain distinction.  There is a lake (the Sacred Lake of Attitude) & a palm tree.  Within the lake resides the monster of an inferiority complex, the embodiment of our instincts.  If the left brain is the dominant hemisphere an aggressive posture is assumed represented by an arrow pointed upward.  The monster is absorbed in the personality & the psychosis is emergent.  These 'field forces' are experienced by the conscious individual as negative antagonistic forces disruptive to the equilibrium of personality structure.  The right brain, on the otherhand, possesses humility signaling the recognition of psychosis through conscience & is represented by a downward pointed arrow. 

            Threatened by disintegration the ego will attempt to avoid contact or even regard of these forces, distancing itself from the unconscious forces manifested by the id (schizoid behavior) by imposing structurally artificial environments (the Domestic Charade upon which the superego is weened) in the form of moral propositions, belief systems & prejudices, political ideologies & rationalizations (duty & guilt), etc.  Now, when we reverse the polarity of these images & tame the dragon of left brain rationale, permitting right brain ascendency) these forces become beneficial for psychic viablity in that they provide a conversion process to negative influences which have permeated the psyche in the form of the beast of sicknesses, Symptomosia.  As these forces can be integrated within a conscious system of philosophy they serve as tools for transforming conditions of alienating portent & provide for the birth of artistic temperamment & aesthetic selectivity.

            Here the function of poetry prevails in converting conflict & negative incre­ment (through the voice of subliminal suggestion; the Nagastani of Garuda & SarpaVidya) into metaphor - reflecting the intrinsic will of a 'greater self' beyond barriers of conscious discipline - & involves a 'catalepsis of form.'  Catalepsis comes from Greek & means to seize, or grasp, & in psychology refers to the non-verbal trance state of the schizophrenic, but by 'catalepsis of form' I refer to the transformation of the somatotype of the thought process & the preservation of visionary momentum.  Metaphor reflects the reorganization of the data of quantum distortion from an aphasal condition into coherent resolution (engram or Pentad resolution) by shifting referential frames discontinuously until, for instance, a series of rain drops can be heard as a single splash, or the incidence of political slander can be heard as a single curse.  Such catalepsy manifest in the schizophrenic in verbal cling-clang associations which, though, when comprehended by the poet, is Nagastani - sacred speech of the omphallic serpent. 

            Myth itself is an oral literacy that entails a living representation in that the mythic self, or 'Entity,' is 'alive', or 'brought to life' by the story-teller, myth-seer (poet), or prophet.  Metaphor resolves contradiction & hypocrisy into the sortilege of a 'Nietzean Dynamic' whereby 'double-bind' mechanization of the intellect is reorganized according to the standard of a higher complex organism as denoted by the anima. 

            Once you can identify with the problem you can begin to identify with the solution.  Alienation signals that the process of differentiating the superego has begun.  Individuation requires this gesture to ensure that the autonomous psychic system of the 'Sublunary Complex' can accomodate the personal interests of a living being - integrating life force & promoting the viability & presence of the 'psycho-body'.  Otherwise, without this malleability the psychic system adheres to an artificial thesis presented by the social order substituting for psychic prevelance & thought form.  Identifying with this generic vehicle the inner voice is silenced & poetry has no issue.  Ressurection of this inner dynamic is the foundation of the science of necromancy.  To achieve dynamic rendition through 'written' representation requires an enormous amount of literature to be ingested: myth as literature.  During internalization & reintegration these voices of the Sublunary Complex reveal an 'indigenous genius' - an innate symphony of the human soul in concert with nature: In the context of mythic overture Karma is Hell - god of mockery.  We may remark the laxity attributed to our well-being - 'sanity' (both physical & mental) - as an indication of the lack of psychological control exercised over our proper physiological systems.

            In the context of the psycho-physical, each one of us constitutes a 'magneto-scope' (historically - Ceraunoscope - Ceraunos is the Irish god of lightening) which we tamper with in order to direct & compose our biological (instinctual) energies.  The neurological circuitry which process the resonant frequency of thought-consciousness connotes the Sublunary Complex: an affective complex receptive to tidal forces of emotional import as dictated by conscience.  Like a simple harmonic oscillator assuming the viability of periodic transformation, the 'repetitive' formula ensconced in our DNA is descriptive of the phenomenon of 'phyllotaxis' - reflected in the organic patterns of growth (RNA possesses a linear polymer of four nucleotides which provide for sixty-four possible codon triplets).  Things happen in sequence following Fibonacci, Lucas & Pentad resolution.  This 'divine proportion' indicates that the universe is intrinsically expnding relative to pi, amplifying the rudimentary structure of the cosmos. 

            This triple spiral is the propeller of an Event Horizon.  We can assume the gravitational field of a fixed point mass M, to be a product of the rate of expansion of the universe just as psychological expansion, or ideological inflation (Estegada) - creates a synaptic threshold relative to the dynamic equilibrium of the 'perceptual gradient'.

            The processing of these rational sequences into harmonic & coherent frequencies corroborates the psycho-physiological model of Cyribgi - Irish fidchell: thirteen dimensional (l3*) chess.  A phonon multiplexer - this Dynamic Altering Device (DAD) - is a transitional transponder, a Druid's egg, capable of navigating the dimensions of an Event Horizon by restructuralizing Fibonnacci's sequence into mathematical fields requiring the application of the calculus of 'Elements of Quantum Distortion.'  E.M.E.'s refer to stages of the circuit design, each E.M.E. constituting independent phases so that when an 'inferior' stage achieves 'resonant frequency,' or 'dynamic resolution' (saturation), a subsequent E.M.E. circuit is opened.  An E.M.E. is a 'referential phase state' of the perceptual gradient as dictated by 'dilation' & the 'catalepsis of form'. 

            Cyribgi investigates the dipole moment of the opposing forces representing the assimilation of 'information complexes.'  Transcipient space (corresponding to white, the exhalation phase of kumbaka from Kaula Yoga - "The Ideological Creative Matrix") is analogous to the anima as differentiated from the conscious personae (corresponding to black, the inhalation phase, or "The Metabiological Basal Configuration" of the limbic system), or Vector space.  Discomfiture is a consequence of these 'personaes' (synchronically related by 'psychological time' & 'perceptual time' respectively) in disagreement, or out of phase, so that resonant frequency between the two (stalemate - 'sacred lake of attitude') is not attained. 

            Ballet: the yoga of the skybound (akasha yoga), serves to define the closed circuit - the self within the self - emanating throughout these stages, in effect, tuning the circuitry (the anima topology of Transcipience). 

            Fusing these two seemingly distinct disciplines of mechanical operandi & psychological levels of awareness within the philosophy of 'Praeternostics' allows us to review the sublimations of psychic articulation. 

            Another example of mythic entreaty is war.  War emphasises modern technology's implicit importance in our struggles for self-knowledge & impresses the absolute necessity for an understanding of all contributing factors.  The border of this pale is the jurisdiction of indigenous genius, conceived in phenotype transmission in terms of the superego.  As in a concentration camp, or prison yard, border guards threaten us with destruction if we trespass certain 'psychic laws' (or mess up our lines) conferred upon us by parental discretion & societal more as much as by natural heritage.

            Like the motif of the double-horned Cerastus, the double-headed serpent of alchemical design, Ampbisbaenu (in Mayan cosmology the 'sky-band', or 'celestial monster', which composes the thirteen layers of the universe), symbolizes bifurcation of psychological processes into autonomous (if not deranged) idiosyncratic distinction.  Following the rudimentary processes of chess strategy we conclude such a game to be an adequate model of the 'bifurcation' (discriminatory) process & we attribute to this model the differentiation of conscious & unconscious design.

            The two-headed serpent of alchemical design also represents the splitting off of independent complexes into autonomous psychic structures of the schizoid variety, or multiple personality, & schizophrenia - the 'double-bind' attributes of hypocritical analysis.  Homosapien means 'Hammerhead Man' (just because of the inherent psychosis of Symptomosia with which we are afflicted). 

            If we look at the synaptic anologue-trees contained in the index as sequential formulations of a decision-making process we may conceive of a mechanical model of repression.  Lets say these sequential components, or elements, pertain to chemical neurological conditions; as much as psycho-physiological processes as steps in a maze dance of personality transformation.  These 'somatotype reference trees' constitute a 'dynamic of interference' imparted through the calculus of an Event Horizon (The Elements of Quantum Distortion) by the algebra of the 'Inverse of the Manifestation of the Focus' & can be applied to Artificial Intelligent interfacing by expanding the conceptual paradigm. 

            As a defense against Aesthetic Selectivity modulating & redefining the topological gradient of selective environmental sequencing (Dattarays), like the lunatic who 'discovers' he has no soul & must go in search of it - the creative realm of the outcast, schizophrenic, & criminal is an invention of novel import.  If we are unwary - & the demons of the unconscious are loosed - the disruption of our psycho-physical processes will become irreconcilable with our conscious self-image inspiring neurosis.  The ferocious labyrinth of our congelations is a demonic consortium, as typified by the anima complex, indicating that the apparition of the psycho-body predominates in the development of the psychosis of Symptomosia: a depravity we inherently sense.  This 'Hypothetical Space' of the imagination is soon spent in frustration. 

            The Sublunary complex describes the abode of the dead, the Bardo of Antonin Artaud, domain of ancestors - the underworld of mental (lunation) operations of the 'Mother Enigma' - snake-charmer & Sphinx.  We are horrified by the invasion of unconscious 'idian' compulsions (as promoted by conscious observation of the 'primal scene', for example, or the intrusion of the image of the father's phallus, or erotic & hostile desires inspiring guilt) reprimanding our­selves to obeissance of definitive commandments lest we be exposed to the shame & exasperation of our temptations - to escape from the boundaries & moral binds of the predefined & rigid inheritance of phenotype transmission.

            The motif of incest invokes a necromantic interpretation in derivation of the psychosis of Symptomosia & the psychological complex giving rise to perpetual mutagenssis.  As children we are instructed only that we must not deviate in those directions that inspire detection - or conscious remark - for the electrical charge (the shock) associated with subconscious barriers is so repugnant it inspires a revulsion intrinsic to our psychic welfare.  Anxiety creates a disturbance in the auto-immune system causing physical deterioration & nerve damage & further feed-back by intensifying associated dread.  The strategy employed depicts the household of the Sublunary complex wherein the demons of the dead reign (as in Mayan society during sleep - sociological perspective contributing to the psychological makeup of self-consciousness). 

            When we consider the manifest countenance of these independent arrangements an obvious relationship is ex­posited between the psychological profile of an individual, their behavior, & intellectual evolution (this relationship is degraded by prototypical arrangement of phenotype determination: the Domestic Charade wherein the process of individuation is arrested for the sake of the preservation of the family conglomerate).  The constellation of the 'psychic arena' of our reflections is compromised - conflict defines metamorphosis.  We head towards the black pit of subconscious suicide.

            The incest motif, as acclaimed by psychoanalysis in this regard (as the basic mechanisms of individuation are differentiated), reveal the deviancy of a charac­teristic we find pertinent to archaic ritual necromancy - that is the desire to equate the libidian senses (libido) with an eternally recondite structure of awareness. Tradition & folktala depict a naive assessment of ritual indoctrination, or inter­nalization, portraying characters ignorant of, though subject to, a Sublunary complex: While self-sacrifice is a modulation of the incest motif (a transitional component of the Oedipus complex) the powers of the id are most conveniently expressed by the sex instinct whose powers easily overwhelm the ego's capacity manifesting in a pathological condition of cynical detachment from the sacred intonations agrieved by Thanatos. Myth engenders cognition: we wrestle the Minotaur. Behavioral transcription is achieved in ritual competition just as traditionally (in an exogamous culture) one must steal one's wife from an enemy tribe (so she is in mortal combat with her husband). The sanctity of 'virginity' (as with sacrifice) is significant in that the daughter has not been corrupted by the father & the alchemical marriage rite is still permissible. The death instinct under the guise of repression transforms itself into psychosis which, when 'made conscious', is an oration of love.

            If we are to escape from the self-persecutory dilemma of autosuggestive affili­ations that the dominance hierarchy of Oedipal acclaim achieves - individuation & autonomous psychic definition must first prevail & we must ascertain the dimen­sions of our captivity & recognize the features of this psycho-analytical topology. The splitting of heaven from earth, as portrayed by the strife between Marduk & Tiamut - like incest - symbolizes such a 'Dioscursis of the Intellect'. Ritual corresponds to a 'way of life', or 'life-style', while anima projections & transference account for the materialization of an ego-centric culture devoid of 'sacred consciousness' as defined by Praeternostics. Chemical aberations & psychological inventions are the result of such increments manifesting as insults to our integrity. The clock of our deliberations (Cyribgi's Superkagggon is an atemporal clock) follows a specific idiosyncratic profile. A projected game plan may include a preferred strategy as defined by the 'sequential premise' (setting the psychological dial - 'attitude' - for the sake of orienting energies) which is then modulated by an opposing decision-making process. The originally preferred sequential mode is modulated time & time again by each succeeding play: sequence modulating se­quence until the original context for our actions is completely forgotten. Whereas Mayan civilization vas inherently a necromantictic society everything became suffused with blood (like the American flag) & the Mayan necromancers became drenched in the blood of sacrifices enforced by the political mandate of genocide -as in our country's genocidal policy towards indigenous peoples. Delusions of grandeur, like ego-projection, compensates for failure, capitulation, & submission associated with the satisfaction of the parent, boss, society, & other superego substitutes relative to the behavioral transcription of the phenotype. Just as our children are the emodiment of our genetic congress they express the acme of our instincts & they know us as intimately (intuitively) in a much more detailed vay than we know ourselves - 'beyond the pale'. Taboos placed upon kings & players of the sacred hoop-ball games describe a contest of wills - a contest between the will of the people, the will of the king, & the will of the gods. We must approach these barriers & if we are destroyed so this self-sacrifice may be its own reward (sin is the great redeemer).

            "The Jainas admit five kinds of knowledge, (1) natural induction;ordinary cognition (mati) and perception; senses and the mind (2) ..Sruiti or knowledge derived through signs, symbols, or words, which includes association, attention, understanding, and all aspects of the meanings of things; also those who are well informed hearing (3) Direct knowledge of things at a distance in time or space - extraordinary perception (avadhi): Suprasensory clairaudience and clairavoyance. Supersensory if there are separate supersensible organs for these ESP powers; (4) Telepathy (manahparyaya), direct knowledge of the thought of others; and (5) Perfect knowledge (kevala-jnana): free jiva soul's comprehensive knowledge, perfect knowledge, which is all-comprehensive. The first three are liable to error, not the last two."2

            2)      Indian Pbilospophy,   Edited by Sarvepallis Radbakrishnan and Charles k. Moore,   p. 250

            Just because it is possible, as Freud for one has demonstrated, 'to know directly the thought of others', I am going to tear the hooves from the basic depths of fashion. Transformation is an observable phenomenon, as are Praeternostics. I will show psychoanalytical transformations conveniently ascribe to the Golden Section of our contemplations (phyllotaxis). This mystical treatise upon our reflections I countenance with an unhindered apposition of 'ultrapositivistic revision' in denial of optimistic reassurames but for the existential post­mortem synapsis (parasynapsis) of immediate apperception such that the Jaina sutras command. Future prognosis - or the 'Praeternostics' of instinctual compulsion - describes the realization & resolution of these archaic mechanisms for appropriate technological application to succeed in terms of psychological adjust­ment (awoir) & reconcilliation with the 'factors' of evolutionary moment. This tearing out of the featureless domain of overt generality discrete & tangible functions of the mind I refer to as 'Dioscursis of the Intellect'. Their recomposure into integrated psychic phenomenon lies in the field of Praeternostics. This 'somatotype modulation' may indeed prove to be a mechanical model & explanation of the theory of repression (8c, applicable to Artificial Intelligence).

            By Ard Ri Destrier Tiranpathis Bon-pa Raja Jaina Druid S. Patrick Eliot Nefaste Dement Crimson Merringer R.S. Rank Dumpster -Son of Roy Patrick

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