Fusion Reaction

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The Vibrating Shield represented the archetypal manifestation of biological functions beyond life, of the contractile evidence the mind must confront upon dying - & the final effervescence & activation of the pineal gland.

The Phonon Body - Ichasaktanga Sruti: The Skull Snake

As melatonin can cross any membrane barrier in every cell, it acts to regulate free radicals and enhance the distribution of such energy in the excitation of the circadian detonation of the 'light form.'


The source of individuality - Effulgence of the
          lunar void.
Our repressed natures, summoned by the boiling clime
            of hostility in neglect
fawn & are chafed by thunder excreting ointments
          of lethargic spoil!
Streams of granular diffusion course through & bend
             our prayer's halting effect.
And the incumbent lies deranged,
his corpse seething in desultory harmony,
The white broken parade of misfortune has no end.
The King Blaster, snake of a thousand coils,
twists his sinewy frame upon the mantle.

Victorious, just in making himself be known,
  tilts & sprays the venom of lukewarm

    The poison is in our system.
    We know not this until we are as deranged,
then the sight mocks us & fills the air
    with crystal clarity: vapor of dreams.

Prisons of the Moon
      donc avaler
      la vie

The cold, weirdness, the torture of emptiness, the suffering of gray void within the detention chambers was inexorable for the twisted characters that were deformed within and were crazy - sick delirium in cages where they played at one past time, a past time that regulated their existence.

In the hallways and corridors that led by the barred estuaries of despair no one roamed but for the newly acquisitioned whose eyesight had not yet adjusted to the horror that consumed them - the idiots: imbecile forms that reclined in striking colorful suits - yellow and black striped shirts hanging from sagging features, closer to an interminable sleep than a reality of death.  There were no doors to the cells but seldom a zombie mummified steps towards the detention chamber's Interlock System of the dead zone where they sat and stared at a screen of themselves, finally living in the last struggle of death, battling and killing one another until they were sucked away from the prisons of the moon and into a dead zone where the refuge of slavery upon Jupiter awaited them as condemned warriors, to battle incessantly as psychic fragments against an unknown, unrealizable foe of unfathomable resources.

The dimensional horizon of Montrez V was tuned to the Vibrating Shield.

The KROS echelon was sent from the

      Prisons of the Moon
          where the mind

in barbarous revival of hatred gone sour, turning in upon itself, destructive and cheers.  A most terrifyingly ugly thing that belches out and slides to a halt, a murderous halt, and picks new friends to torment itself.  Vile neglect is everywhere.  The blood, a sour vapor without which man collapses.  Intrinsic cavitation was inherent in the system, a 'visionary stasis.'  Crystallizations were siphoned off through fractile domains of solar flare radiation.

The Vapeurs of Blood.
     walk deliciously nearerr
        & wait invigoratingly
          the ceasing
with agonized tension
of imploding power
The vapeurs of blood, - arise -
descend - Appear!
   Out of nowhere; the urge,
"We no longer need the
      human body"

You are a parasite on

         its tongue

      descending kinetic

the magnetic pocket is

      formed by increase of


Sahasara Reverberating
         Endless Sacrilege
   The toxic parameter
      Spanda Maya!
      Sphota Sabda -
   caused by sex's forked tongue
Sahasara Reverberating
   is a hissing melody

There is something thinking, inverting the ideal form, not perfect, for that is relative, but rather absolute: an eternal concept, an absolute form of fundamental beauty.

Only the direct conversion of mass into energy, such as with collision of matter and antimatter, is more energetic per unit of mass than nuclear fusion.

Curves & Mirrors in
the return to ourselves
Make love, fair l'amour &
incarnate yourselves
in pleasure of deceasing worlds
Smooth opaqueness of lustre
shone like a glare, curves
& mirrors penetrated.
Devious wild fruits
            haunt our mouths
       with the moisture of paradise
loosening our lives, strychnine

Inside the glass ring where our
      punches fall short
         She is whistling
         "Lost Paradise"
& the screeching noise is our
  sap my energies
renew my strength for desire
   heaven's nausea, plunges
   into the wistful segment
   of curves & mirrors
Contraction, do it again, pulverize
            perfect merger
the curves blend with the mirror
 & reflect off their shadow's glow
 naked globes touch
 the spidery web-leaves thrashing
 water's mirror image
And I'm as virile as you are inside
 this bottle, just laughing
 as curves & mirrors coalesce
         breathing in & upon one another
 as if ages old fog suddenly
           stalagmited into precise &
     crystal war plans.  We are warriors
whose muscles are on fire, causing
primitive contusions with our clubs.
        Subtle & submissive violence
reaches our nostrils.  Curves &
mirrors are melting without losing
shape.  Staying continuously balanced
  on the verge of spastic weight
detonating with danger & dropping off
into split visions: The Vapors of Blood.

If their psycho-bodies came out of the woodwork - then we could number our days.
No psycho-body goes walking on its own.
The fleeing vivisection of Far Au-dela
Far (in the beyond).  The backsliding & pop
On this world we are manacled
by what is around us has clenched our souls.
Wait for the surprise, if you want.
  the shameless night guardians of this peaceful
island won't let me go.
    Just take a step and continue, until there
      In the neant
is the boredom of terminology
  'There is no need for me'
      I, cataract
in the bloody opening of our spasm's chills.

To explore the pinpoint of reality, the break on the skin of the black hole, the fact upon the surface of the event horizon, is to be subsumed in time.

"six steps into the mirror
I look around - refracted -
nothing I know - works -
in this imaginary world, in this
      This mirror is my prison.  I can't
go back, can't step backwards
  I am forced to die
  inside this mirror
  six steps into the mirror
when I go around enough bends
maybe when I just fade out of sight
then perhaps I'll live again
things won't seem so dismal
that this dying does
six steps into the mirror
my fever is mounting

I perspire like a fountain
No one sees me cause I don't exist
but in the two dimensions of the mirror
since I am not really out there but
6 steps into the mirror
I am not reflected - I am a spy of the unconscious
besides, light does not enter here

I am projected
six steps into the mirror
    no one could meet me even if they wanted to
    no one could see me no matter how hard
    they tried.
  I am the least likely place to be
  six steps into the mirror"

Thought propulsion was enough to get him this far...
A valence has developed.
I'm 23 and I'm still alive.

  I've not yet found my hole in the mud wall.
     Now boys, hit it! I don't want
        Maddened Air
The vapeurs of blood are brooding

              sick with lust,
affable formation of vision.

Ignis, following the dissipating shadow of Thedias through an aura of time minpulation, selected by Lara Internuncio, who, having observed Thedias as he collapsed, had immediately transposed herself, by her own cubicle, into a 'KROS" state entering the tuning stylus located in the Transcipient Double-Tete mode of the Bouclier Vibrant.  She had known its location in time and space by following her vision of it after she underwent transhumanizaiotn, thereby providing current for the intricate tuning divice of the shield.  She had also observed Ignis by the relative puslation her computer had registered through Thedias's brace and upon entering the device had quickly counteracted Vector through a spell of black magic.  Harnessing the radio frequencies of the Vibrating Shield to distill a panic within their combined membranes, upsetting their unified metabolism which did not prevent their entrance but would dissolve their powers within, creating a void where they would not be able to permeate.  Then she had given herself (diddiwedd) up to her mediumistic powers, drawing the energy from the void to help create an atmosphere that would sustain the inflowing participants of this theatrical nightmare.  To the center of the anticipatory she battled Vector with her moves, entwining delirious voluptions with Transcipient exquisiteness.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Demonic Issues
Her stomach lifts from its sheath ( The stomach glistens
and reveals the mucus cloth in frightening contortions.
of sustenance. The Private Lord of self-addiction
The Private Lord of self-addiction restrains his unnerving requisitions.

the indulgent jackal of mistrust. They thrust themselves as one A horde of demons assault the

into her burdened flesh waterfront.
and demand French apology The Lord calls forth conception.
But she responds, "Just go screaming off into your own head." The eager auger is quelled. )
"The blood curdling cries of a savage, listless man
"trapped out like the soul is trapped in
   "It was the letter

  "which made us float in this color
"I think I'm tired of his wild eyes
  "I think we'll finish off together

"& when the sad sand sound deranged pile
"shifted its weight

"I scattered
"into split seconds

"And her hair was scented
"I loved to taste
"close to death

"just go screaming off into your own head
"Parceque, pour le dixieme fois
     "I'm a fool"


     It's not my will

to heat up sails
       with a false wind.

She provided Montrez V with a doorway to self-reason.  As long as her unused cavern of thought could be impressioned then Vector could use her as a diversion.  She herself was not the pinnacle of destruction, she was an instrument of devotion.  She could be swayed and instructed to follow.  Her mind contained absolutely no rigid structure of testimony to Platonia.  She as the virgin who fell down an escalator shaft and was ravished by the host of Montrez V.  Raped and destroyed and turned into an ogre of dehumanized indecision that would never create.

Merringer, straining through the Devil's Helmet, alighted his astral enigma through the 'eyepiece' onto the most conductive point of the Horizontal Plate and merged with Far Au-dela of elfin-styled knowledge...Aum...Determining the spatial lightning distribution from Schumann resonance records is a complex problem: in order to properly estimate the lightning intensity from Schumann resonance records it is necessary to account for both the distance to lightning sources as well as the wave propagation between the source and the observer.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Entertaining reality is introjecting a combination lock upon the psyche++++

Far Au-dela speaks: "The slaves of immobility are everywhere, revealing their injuries and the sun stalks on black wings enveloping our mere souls.  Christ and the crow! The flames of rebirth are our attire.  The quivering, the quaking profane me! Christ and the crow! Melting in ebony, the shameless smile of chance, and driven to despair are our rivets to abduction.

While minerals were deposited for refinement by the Galvinizer throughout the hand of Far Au-dela, where they were continually lased unti such desired molecular proportions were attained.

It was here that the Shift Cycle was activated - to the central core (control) platform which Merringer referred to as the Dodeacahedra, for its twelve sides were the housing of the dimensions of an Acrophobium Complex he had acquisitioned with mind of Tibet.  The symphonic orchestration went into effect.

As an over abundance of mineral composition was sifted and lased it was then released through the plasma channels to form the Atomic Metabolism of the Cosmic Shield which was sustained as a solitron.

As the snow whitened everything about us and the leaves sharpened to tiny points of crystal each point a brilliant umbrella, I swore and off rooled the tumbiling fumes and hung over us.  A skyscraper of whiter ivory hung on your lips of ice.  Your frightening belly and in its flare erupted the volcanoes of seven bright gems, gleaming and lowing.  The water shed fast, quickly, upside down, turn everything inside out...

          I am too wide awake
that's the trouble with me, I can't stop giving her attention
        I am going to sink out

In the empty worlds that we inhabit

  I recognize you
        in the back
    of confusion
  stepping out, stepping out - into a loud
    loud alive,
        loud, wow, loud, wow,
      loud alive.

- X Activity X -

Prisons of the Moon

Subspace Suppression

   three dragonflies rose in unison
  of Xenon's expenditure of
  psychic noise.  Electronic
  white noise spanned the depths
of perception, crossing in flurries
     the galaxies of X Activity X..