The Cubicle was a conception devised by Merringer and engineered by governmental agencies in cooperation with Vector, to congeal the substantial unconscious powers of the populace at large. This had effectively reduced transmission of the outrage & contained it to a span of time known and referred to as "The Decay Period."

     Originally, it had been discovered, that when a population on a whole were asleep the collective unconscious became predominant in the psyches of individuals, and that this energy became fluent in this respect so that an invading godhead was in fact nourished by sleep. The God - as defined by Christianity - was a two-faced entity of factual lineage, & each time a civilization wavered towards sleep he began to gather strength - to shift continually this strength away from the rising sun & to always dominate the dark regions. This was where Vector concentrated. In order to increase their own strength and domination they used the Cubicle as a seat of the unconscious powers that were released to merge at night with the collective unconsciousness. This force could be tapped through the Inter-Segmented-Loops of a magnetic circuitry which enslaved the alpha-beta waves of the sleeping populace. Of course, once awake the active will of the individuals would have a tendency to override the Cubicle's influence, but while the city slept Vector had the facilities to drain "God" of his existence and reanimate him as Amphis-baenu. They found it to their advantage to suppress, to the greatest degree, the active will of the populace, worldwide. Civilization had always catered to this condition of inactivity as far as "intellectual willpower" was involved, so there was not very much resistance to overcome. The Cubicle became an institution soon after the "Decay Period."

      Vector chose a particular contrivance to effectuate their designs & to aggregate the electromagnetic compositions of their unwary hosts, who bedded down as usual, when darkness was total.

About the same time as the mechanical
time device took over , the terror
of civilization's incoherence transmitting directly
through the silhouette - plaguing &
ruptures torn loose at the seams.

Nightmares were wrought having pricks in them.
The simpleton does not read the news.

Our immediate reaction towards each
other is not as violent.

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