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Indium and Urbon


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      The political nature of the beast betrays autopathic behavior in its forceable dictation of others' lives.  Violation of natural law threatens the psychic balance of collective existence.  The cross is the symbol of our technological creed.  As a people, America's mythological consciousness begins with an abstraction of Christ.  Americans do not step upon the hollowed ground of their mythological ancestors conscientiously.  Our mythological heritage is pre-Christian, & matriarchal.  Our ties to European myth have been severed physically, dynastically.  Will the aesthetic blossom survive the bulldozer?

     We have lost consciousness of our own mythological status.  We have decapitated the archetype of our being:  the Body Sacred.  The head, which possesses the nuclear meaning of existence, lies rotted & blue.  Our country, as a political nation, spins on its axis, swivelling unconsciously upon the mythological domain of its original inhabitants, ignorantly abusing & destroying the integrity of a people we can no longer see, for our spin is too great.  The contaminated bile of our onslaught overflows the labyrinth of our unconsciousness.

The Tai Manson Family

Flim Flam Tactical Brigade