The Body Sacred

Indigenous People's Parliament

The Fourth way



- The Quaternity -

Das Fierte Reich!
Nach Eine Mal!
Umdrehen Anordnung!
Reverse the Order!

This is you, high, coming down,
outfreaking the freaks, eye to eye!

Say No to the Future!
Refuse to Resist!
Brother, You are Confused.
Stop the Abuse!

The Fourth Leg of the Buffalo,
The Fourth State of Matter,
The Fourth Way of Yoga,
The Fourth Branch of Government,
Das Fierte Reich!


The Hoop of Nations


      There are many people conditioned not to see very far into the labyrinth of their soul who become befuddled & befouled by the effect of modern day symbolisms upon psychic existence.  Money, possession, materialism - all demean the fragrance of the highest forms of conceptual revelation - & a blindness & ignorance toward redemptive truths that surmount personal & cultural barriers & cause moral regrets, especially insipid persecution of the intelligence of minority cultural integrity: The detrimental reference society impugns to the 'indigenous,' is the same type of abuse we supply to the child, woman, & criminal; out of neglect of 'Minority Conscience' - concrete & conceptual - underestimating psychic values like intuition, id, intellect, Aesthetic Selectivity, Fundamental Beauty, Eternal Concept, Absolute Truth, Indigenous Genius, the Holy Flower, the Body Sacred, telepathy, etc.   The incessant denial of these factors & their rejection indicate a conviction that the unconcious does not exist or must be destroyed in order to safeguard control.

      In our culture political abstraction of entire peoples has supplanted aesthetic values.   The suffering apparent in social structures, especially lower class, & reflected in the aesthetic depravity of higher class values, indicates collective sublimation of Minority Conscience.   The egoistic power of the bulldozer, the progressive charter of the dominating superiority complex inherent in a conquering race, & a technocratic social order, depends upon the imperial pogrom of subordination.

      Behind the veil of 'democracy' is shrouded an oligarchical regime: ruled by the wealthy, a monetary aristocracy, & a sociey fixated by the ambition to join the accoutred elite.   Evidence exists where we especially would prefer not to look.   Dominated by an interdependently closed system of conditioning, where conformity exacts the most telling results, we perceive our universe accordingly as a vacuum of interstellar space hosting a barbarous man of civilized consciousness confined to a planet we abuse in order to suvive.   The truth of a greater sense of appreciation for the praeternatural lies dormant, fueling a miasma of consciousness of profound depths, intuitively recognizable but not permitted socially to reveal itself with threats of the asylum looming ever too close for comfort.   The police state provides the prosthesis of imperial dictate which robs us of the sense of ourselves by rendering impotent personal responsibility to resolve contradiction intelligently.   We wear masks that cover our true identities & deny our relationship to nature.

      Our cities bristle with the hostile compliance of aesthetic poverty, where the significance of ornate artisitc embellishment is lost in the stark facades of commercial & industrial uniformity & corporate facility.   Remnants of a psychical order survive in the periphery of imagination, in the decaying fragments of archeological integrity.  Uniformity is the pronouncement of conformity; colors & designs reflect tangent harmony of stoic proportion, rudely employed to impose cataracts.  The magnificent delicate forms of sensual convolutions slowly & silently disappear from sight & sound - replaced by ever more harsh & brittlely caustic desications.  Artistic expression languishes in the sterile rigor of geometrically stark corridors.

      Linear arrangements have come to dominate architecture, thought & behavior.   Standards of differentiation (what promotes consciousness), standards of aesthetic bias & perceptual motif dominate the psychic horizon.

      The political nature of the beast betrays autopathic behavior in its forceable dictation of others' lives.  Violation of natural law threatens the psychic balance of collective existence.  The cross is the symbol of our technological creed.  As a people, America's mythological consciousness begins with an abstraction of Christ.  Americans do not step upon the hollowed ground of their mythological ancestors conscientiously.  Our mythological heritage is pre-Christian, & matriarchal.  Our ties to European myth have been severed physically, dynastically.  Will the aesthetic blossom survive the bulldozer?